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Canon: Classic World of Darkness
Name: Charley Mason
Age: 29 (physically 26)
Other people who don't have specific supernatural abilities to tell that she's not a regular human won't be able to notice that she isn't, nor will they be told. If you want your character to have been told/otherwise have figured it out, please PM me first so we can chat about it.
Race: Human (awakened mage & ghoul)
Specifics: Virtual Adept, kinda maybe defected from the Technocracy just a little bit, kinda maybe actually American and not Canadian as she claims. Nowadays does web/pc security, websites and all kinds of other small fish for tiny companies and self-employed people. Well equipped to kick your ass.

Spheres: Correspondence 3, Forces 3, Mind 2, Life 1
Disciplines: Potence 1, Auspex 1
Other: Arcane background

- raised by grandparents in a small town
- recruited in her mid-teens, NWO (Operative)
- things went tits up when they were investigating/had infiltrated a local group of vampires and things went tits up for said vampires. In the process, she got ghouled by a Malkavian, Aletheia Pristine.
- love conquers all =D so when Aletheia absconded to Europe, Charley absconded, too.
- after a while got in contact with Virtual Adepts/the local Chantry
- joined a cabal that was known to work for the well-being of the Chantry to prove herself (which, her aside, included two Chorists, one Dreamspeaker and one Verbena and on and off another Dreamspeaker and a Cultist)

(sister account of [personal profile] likestechnology, they just have different PBs because I couldn't find enough agent-looking icons of Ashanti)


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Charley Mason